Mission from 10dec.org

In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was ratified at the United Nations Assembly. The context of this declaration was the aftermath of the deadliest conflict in recorded history. Whether you agree or not to all these principles, to many of us, they represent the common ground that we should aspire to achieve. They are as short as it gets in terms articulating a basic level of decency.

We believe that most human beings would agree to most of the articles, yet only an infinitely small amount knows the content of the UDHR. If you do not agree with the contents of the UDHR you have at least to know them. We believe that learning this declaration is the first step into taking responsability for your actions and it will make you proud. All human beings should do so. You should treat adults that do not know the UDHR according to the spirit of the declaration, but you are entitled to ignore what they tell you if they fail to show that they know its contents. Living up to this basic moral standard may be hard, but the consequences of not trying will be certainly worse. We do this for our children and for the children of the ones we care about.

...and... most of all "Don't panic!"